Reign of Winter: Monkey Monk and the Funky Bunch

Sumira's Reaction

Sumira considers Nex’s proposal for a solid minute in silence.

Finally she nods and says, “I like it. It requires a certain brashness that Pharamol sometimes lacks.”

“There are risks, of course,” chimes in Calissus, the symbiote Hospitaller. “If it triggers a full retaliation, we’re not prepared for that; not until the orb arrives. And if they do somehow mount a counterattack during the blizzard, our crossbows and siege weapons will be useless and our cavalry grounded.”

Sumira rocks her head from side to side and utters a drawn-out, “yessss, but…”

Calissus chuckles. “Never mind, I know that look.”

Sumira leans forward. “Okay, how about this? The blizzard will throw their camps into disarray, but likely only for a few hours. It might be best to use that up front to soften them, limit their ability to respond to your first salvo. Alternatively, it might make good cover for your rest period in between assaults, which would also soften them up further for your second assault.”

Calissus hums. “At the very least, it will impede their search for the Saint in the surrounding foothills. The patrols will be more vulnerable to the weather and may need to be drawn back to help put the camps back in order.”

“Yes! That alone could be huge.”

“But is it worth the risk? If they attack us in force, Spurhorn will fall.”

“I think the chances of that are relatively slim. They’ll have their camps to attend to until well after tempers have cooled, and—as the small lord pointed out—they won’t have a strong assessment of how much we still have in reserve. They’ll be inclined toward caution. We’ve fought Malesinder before: she can be hot-headed, but she won’t lose control like that.”

“Hmm. True.” Calissus ponders a few moments further. “Okay, I’m convinced.”

Sumira smiles broadly. “Well then, strange foreigners, I believe we have a plan. When do you intend to do this?”


Whenever. We are just sitting here waiting on you all to give us our orders so we can get our bird.

Sumira's Reaction

Validar addresses the gathering, “Would it make sense to time our assault more closely to the Orb’s arrival? Bad weather hampering your couriers though it may; if we can warn them of the blizzard beforehand, they may even be able to use it for cover to enter Spurhorn. If we stir up Malesinder’s army too soon, they may undertake another assault of their own during the lull before the Loc-Nar . . . er, Orb . . . arrives. If any of us are killed or severely injured, we would not be able to help repel the besiegers.”

Sumira's Reaction
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