Silver Stoat

The Silver Stoat is Heldren‘s only tavern. It stands on the Heldren Town Square, directly across from the Heldren Town Hall. The Stoat is owned and operated by Menander Garimos, who mans the kitchen and trots out steaming venison flank steaks and numble pies to the guests; and his wife Kale Garimos who tends bar, chats easily, and is responsible for Three Devil Ale, the Stoat’s signature beer.

Many of the regulars—which includes nearly all of Heldren—insist that sitting at the Stoat feels very much like sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen: friendly, warm, and usually accompanied by an oppressively fully belly. It’s full nearly every evening, and anything worth knowing in Heldren gets talked about here.

Since few travelers stay overnight in Heldren, the village has no inn. The Garimoses are generally willing to offer floor space to any wayward travelers, however, provided they’re on their way bright and early in the morning.

Note: Heldren map location 7

Silver Stoat

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