Harmall Verodsson



Harmall grew up in the land of the Linnorm Kings in the frozen north, near the border of Irrisen (Land of the Eternal Winter, home of the White Witches). He didn’t make a really good Ulfen, seeing as his first three thoughts usually weren’t ale, wench, axe. He had many more thoughts and loved more than anything to share them with his mother, especially when the talk turned to magic as it usually did between the two of them. Meerie was the adventurous sort but settled down with Harmalls father not long after they met on those long and weary roads. Verod taught his son the crossbow, as all the men in the family learned since Verods own grandfather made a minor name for himself in a long lost battle or two. He also taught him how to handle himself around the bigger boys using his quickness and brains instead of sheer brute force, but not much else, most of his education was left to Meerie. She taught him to love books and language and magic as she had all her life.

Harmall left the north after his mothers death. He has not been back since. He does not like to talk about it.

Currently Harmall is in Heldren resting for a few days before heading on to Zimar, this countrys third largest city. He is going seeking work, those tending to the border skirmishes there are rumored to pay well for a man of his talents. Its as good a direction as any he thinks.

Harmall Verodsson

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