Heldren Town Hall

The town hall of Heldren is rather grand for the size of the village, large enough to host nearly the entire village and surrounding farms. It boasts a clock tower overlooking the Heldren Town Square; its clockworks were imported from Qadira some time ago, and are kept in working order by Orillus Davigen. Orillus can frequently be found up in the tower tinkering with the machinery. The clock tower’s bells ring every hour from 6 am until 6 pm, and can be used to sound the alarm if there’s a fire or to muster the militia in case of an attack.

The town council meets in the town hall every week on Starday, though there’s usually little to discuss beyond minor disagreements between neighbors.

Outside the hall hangs a notice board, on which are usually posted flyers with local news, job openings, and goods for sale.

Note: Heldren map location 4

Heldren Town Hall

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